Gone are the days when property owners could put routine maintenance to the back of their minds safe in the knowledge that if something went wrong they’d be able to find the money to make things right. How things change….

These days everyone’s keeping a tight rein on their resources, saving for rainy days and pre-empting potentially expensive, unforeseen problems – particularly with regards to properties.

From property developers to housing associations, more and more people are looking for intelligent ways to minimise the cost of maintaining and repairing their premises. Leaking guttering is a common problem and left unattended can cause significant damage to a building inside and out. Traditional methods to replace or repair guttering can be costly and often mean a lot of disruption to businesses and residents alike.

Fortunately HD Sharman has long had the answer. Manufacturers of the original and best seamless guttering system, their patented Plygene Gutterline product has been in even greater demand as the economic climate drives the need for a cost effective guttering solution.

Commercial appeal 

The commercial appeal of Gutterline is well known, which is why it is the product of choice for many architects, roofers, building contractors, specifiers and property developers across the UK.

For example Brian Steel from Steel Roofing Ltd believes the “Plygene Gutterline system is a great idea, a hard-wearing liner, made-to-measure, that fits inside the existing broken gutters.”  Brian immediately saw the benefits of using Gutterline as there was no need for any structural work making leaking gutters a quick resolve at significantly less cost.

Plygene Gutterline can be tailored to match any roof design and rainwater run-off system, and can include corners, T junctions, overflows, weirs, syphonic outlets, and side boxes. It’s that flexibility which means it can be used on all sizes and types of buildings, from old industrial mills to modern shopping malls, on all kinds of roof and for any gutter profile.

Keith Bartlett, owner of KB Buildings Limited was impressed by Plygene Gutterline right from the outset and uses it on most of their customer projects, industrial and agricultural buildings, even new builds. Keith explains the benefits of installing Gutterline, “We only have to do the job once and there is no comeback, which is a great time and cost saving benefit for us.” We install Plygene Gutterline on all industrial jobs as a sort of insurance policy. For example, large valley gutters would cost a fortune to replace so Gutterline is our insurance policy that they won’t leak, ever! And on old buildings it is the only product on the market that is suitable.”

Addressing a social problem

And it’s not just commercial and industrial property owners that are feeling the benefit of HD Sharman’s “do it once, do it right” approach to leaking gutters. There are more than 2,000 housing associations responsible for 1.7 million properties throughout the UK and they’re feeling the squeeze in government funding as acutely as many of their third sector counterparts, perhaps more so. While housing association portfolios include some modern properties (generally requiring lower levels of maintenance) by far the greatest proportion is traditional mid-to-late 20th century ex-council stock and as such they represent one of the largest spenders on property maintenance and repair services in the UK.

Not only do social landlords have a responsibility to maintain and repair leaking gutters, they’re also obliged to re-house tenants where extensive rectification work is needed. HD Sharman recognised the problem and produced a solution to what had become a nationwide problem.

They developed their Plygene Gutterline system specifically for Finlock-type sectional concrete guttering. It addresses outer and inner toughs to create a one-piece “gutter within a gutter” which makes it impossible for water to seep behind or beneath it and also incorporates a heavy duty sarking angle designed to deflect run-off water into the gutter’s outer trough. Fitted correctly (HD Sharman provide free training to all users of the system) it provides a permanent solution to gutter leakage and, because there’s no need to remove the existing, in-built guttering system it negates the need to rehouse tenants in order to do the work.

Lee Holohan has worked as a roofing contractor for more than 10 years and he first used the Gutterline system following a personal recommendation “I needed to resolve a leaking concrete-based gutter system for a housing project when a friend pointed me in the direction of HD Sharman. A made-to-measure roll of Plygene Gutterline for Finlock sealed the existing gutter and stopped leaks without using messy adhesive, structural work or disruption”.

Greenfields Community Housing is one of several more recent converts. Responsible for more than 8000 properties, Greenfields are actively using the Gutterline for Finlock system to help reduce costs and stop gutters leaking and it’s already had a significant impact on the community gateway’s performance – as monitored and published on their website.

Broad appeal

What sets Gutterline apart is that it can be used on any type of building and with any original gutter structure. One of the Directors at HD Sharman, Margaret Bullen believes it’s the combination of widespread application with the nationwide drive to reduce maintenance and repair costs that have combined to take the Plygene Gutterline product to the next level. She says “Our customer base has really broadened in the past few years. From mills to supermarkets, factories to aircraft hangers, farm buildings to hospitals, the product has even been used for cathedrals. I think people are just more aware that what we provide is a permanent, cost-effective solution to leaking gutters and that any other approach just doesn’t make sense – certainly not financially.

For more information see www.hdsharman.co.uk