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We remember what CPD stands for




Useful terms can lose their meaning when they become abbreviated.

Public relations – once about how an organisation engaged with customers, residents, voters – became ‘PR’, with its connotations of spin, overspending, AbFab and so on.

As soon as possible – the earliest something can be achieved – became ‘ASAP’, which is now David Brent speak.

CPD – a requirement for all for all Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) professionals, stands for Continuing Professional Development.

But the RICS website states:

All RICS professionals must undertake and record online a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activity each calendar year. 

Does shortening something so fundamental also dilute its potency?

We conduct regular seminars throughout the year to help professionals better deliver commercial and industrial gutter refurbishments. Not because it’s a duty or ‘requirement’, like a fire drill or a tax return. It’s because we never forget what those three letters stand for.


Those who undertake the comprehensive CPD won’t just be ticking a box. Our experts highlight key design features and advise on specifying the right gutter refurbishment solution for pitched roofs. At each stage, our technical team offers support, from site specification reports to post-project assessment. We want specifiers to have a deep understanding of why gutters fail and the alternative options to remedy.


Our CPD activity is delivered for building surveyors and specifiers who work with industrial and public sector commercial clients. In developing detailed resources for specialists, we preserve our own reputation by enabling work to be completed to the highest possible standards. Which is why we’re able to provide a 25 year guarantee that covers both product and workmanship on specification-led projects.


From formal CPD seminars to training centre programmes and manufacturing tours, we ensure our specifier support is fully inclusive. Our purpose-designed mobile rigs accurately highlight practical applications and associated design considerations and give hands-on application during the CPD.

Knowledge sharing is an important element of CPD – specifiers that best understand the reasons why gutters leak make more informed choices. And their feedback helps us to continuously review and develop our seminars for future audiences. We’ve also built a second dedicated training facility in Wiltshire, to enable wider access to industry leading knowledge throughout the UK.

Central, not secondary

CPD is important, of course. But we believe it means progression, knowledge acquisition, and understanding of applications and techniques. Not something reduced to a minimum requirement.

Sharman’s new CPD “Why gutters fail and the options to repair, replace and refurbish: A specifier’s guide” is interactive in its design, the programme explores the common causes of gutter failure and the options available to repair, replace or refurbish.


Learn more about our CPD seminars for building surveyors and how we can support you.


Josh Hamer