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The RoofCare System

We are delighted to announce the launch of our website for RoofCare – our new cutting-edge maintenance and monitoring system for roofs and gutters! Our innovative RoofCare System combines remote monitoring technology with drainage management software and roofing expertise from the UK’s leading roof maintenance providers.

Why we created it

Naturally, roofs are one of the most vital parts of commercial & industrial properties. They provide year-round protection against the elements, so it’s vital to have a proper roof maintenance strategy. Without such a strategy, costly leaks can occur as a result of roof fabric deterioration, poor maintenance and insufficient drainage capacity.

Typically, many businesses fail to detect water leaks before they become a problem. Water ingress can cause significant damage, including severe structural problems, damaged stock and disruption to operations all of which are very costly. Detecting possible roof leaks early helps to mitigate these significant, unexpected costs.

Gutters are a critical element of your roof. They perform two crucial functions: collecting rainwater and carrying it away to your drainage outlets. The effectiveness of your gutter is impacted by three key factors – its drainage capacity, the cleaning and maintenance regime and the general condition of the roof fabric. Failure to clean gutters when required will lead to debris build-up which results in blocked outlets and a reduction of their drainage capacity.

Poor maintenance will also shorten the life of your roofs. Every year thousands of businesses count the cost of poorly maintained gutters and inadequate gutter drainage capacity. Furthermore, changing weather patterns also have an impact on roofs and guttering. While total rainfall remains stable, intensity is increasing with more rain on our wettest days. Gutter drainage systems with previously adequate capacity can be compromised, so robust solutions are required.

Introducing our System

We believe RoofCare offers a solution to these issues by taking a proactive, preventative approach. With our eyes on your roof, you can prevent costly damage, manage risk and extend the life of your roofs.

RoofCare is a new easy-to-install system which analyses drainage performance and generates alerts to highlight capacity issues. The system also helps you to plan evidence-based gutter and roof fabric maintenance programmes. Users of the system can view the performance of any of their roofs utilising RoofCare on their mobile devices or desktop computers 24 hours a day.

To find out how RoofCare can help you visit:

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