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Plygene Gutterline Fire Testing

Fire Testing on Sharmans Plygene Gutterline System

Although there are no specific fire tests relating to gutter membranes as they don’t fall under the scope of either a roof construction or façade, Sharmans have been working with Exova to gain an independent assessment and test evidence for our Plygene Gutterline system in relation to the spread of fire.

Extensive testing with Exova

Exova conducted an Ignitibility Test – EN 11925-2 on the two key system components, namely the thermoplastic membrane and the material used to form the bespoke moulded units. Upon passing this test, the products could obtain a Euro-classification ‘E’ to the harmonised European standard EN 13501-1.

Exova are an independent consultancy and testing house based in Warrington with a connected network of specialists throughout the Middle East, Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia Pacific. Exova Warrington fire has competence in all international fire standards and offers a complete spectrum of services to support customers in both their domestic and international markets.

Test method

The specimen is mounted vertically into the test frame and two pieces of filter paper are placed below the specimen. The defined test flame may be applied in a number of manners, dependent upon the requirements of the specification document:

  • 15 seconds surface application
  • 15 seconds edge application

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The test duration is as follows:

  • 15 second flame application time, total test duration = 20 seconds

In all cases, observations are made as to whether the flame tip reaches a point 150mm above the original flame application point within the test duration and whether the filter paper was ignited by any flaming debris/droplets, etc.
Generally six specimens are tested with each flame application type required.

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