Plygene® Gutterline System Guide
Format: pdf

Plygene Gutterline system guide
This system guide for the market leading Plygene Gutterline system incorporates the 12 Golden Rules for Installation and how to request a guarantee for trained contractors.

This guide introduces the four key elements of the system – the liner, fixing, drainage and network components.
It also details support resources for installers, including our national network of technical services manager and our dedicated head office helpline.

Other resources available include:

• Material safety data sheets
• Maintenance guides
• BBA certification
• Health & safety information
• Product warranties

The 12 Golden Rules of Installation are a series of steps that cover the correct preparation, application and testing of the Plygene Gutterline system.
This system guide details these but the steps are also available to view in video form online.
It also includes an easy step-by-step self-certification form which can be completed and sent off by trained contractors.
This details everything from project date and description to a 12 Golden Rules checklist.

Function: The Golden Rules for installing Plygene Gutterline and guarantee request for Trained Contractors