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Specifying for gutter refurbishment

Specifying Plygene® Gutterline

When it comes to considering gutter refurbishment we are here to support you at every step of the process to ensure you choose the right system to prevent leaks for good. Starting from the specification process, site survey, condition report and specification design right through to installation by our Trained Contractor Network and audit and inspection regimes by our Technical Services Managers, quality is assured for all project stakeholders.


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We work with all key stakeholders to ensure the highest quality at every stage. Initially, working with specifiers to select the appropriate performance specification, we then work our Trained Contractor partners to ensure the highest quality of installation with formal audit and inspection by our Technical Services Managers. This delivers the highest quality of gutter lining system and total satisfaction to the end customer.

Technical specification support

We provide high levels of technical support with specifications, access to technical libraries including NBS and standard specifications, CPDs and dedicated system training programmes for specifiers.

Trained Contractor Network

Rigorous ongoing training, site inspections and audits of our Trained Contractor Network ensures full quality control at the point of installation.

Supporting you

From dedicated technical support to CPDs. We understand the challenges faced in the gutter environment and how to help you specify the right system. We are always at the end of a phone to talk through your specific needs.


Technical support

We have a range of technical documents including NBS specifications
and our BBA certification to help you specify.

The system

The only BBA certified, 25 year guaranteed system on the market, there is nothing else comparable. Read more….

Request a sample

We have both material and full system samples available, click here to request your sample.

Pre-start support

Our U.K. team of Technical Services Managers combine in-depth product knowledge with a wealth of practical hands on roofing industry experience and provide survey support, site condition reports and performance specification advice.

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