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When it comes to pitched roofs in the commercial and industrial sector, gutters are a key feature of the roof environment. Under BS EN 12056 – 3:2000, roof drainage should be calculated against a range of rainfall scenarios to efficiently direct the flow of water away from the infrastructure of the building, preventing damage to both the building envelope and its interior.

Protecting your building

Leaking valley and boundary gutters on pitched roofs are a common cause of building disruption and deterioration, resulting in progressive long term building damage that requires gutter repair or gutter replacement.

Building damage can extend to:


  • The exterior envelope of the building
  • The interior fit out
  • The foundations, pavements and surrounding landscape


Plygene® Gutterline is the best commercial gutter lining system on the market

The most common cause of leaks in gutters is ongoing structural movement opening the joints and causing cracking of the membrane liner. This is exacerbated by the seasonal freeze-thaw effect. To overcome this damaging problem, we have designed a unique non-bonded, seamless “gutter within a gutter system”, the performance of which is unimpaired by thermal structural movement. Additionally, our seamless design means that ongoing maintenance which is another key cause of leaks is also made easier.

There is nothing else comparable on the market

Plygene Gutterline is the only independently tested commercial gutter lining system on the market to have BBA accreditation and a 25 year guarantee.

This highly durable system fully protects the building fabric and contents by preventing leaks for good. For gutter replacement or gutter repair, quality is assured at every stage of the process through extensive product testing, precision controlled manufacturing, rigorous contractor training and on-site installation via our Approved Contractor Network.

Our Gutter Systems

Your choice of guarantees

Independently tested against leading rigorous industry standards, all our systems are
fully guaranteed through a range of guarantees for up to 25 years.

Our Roof Systems

Request a CPD or system demonstration

Our specification team will visit you to deliver CPD training and system demonstrations using our purpose made rigs.

The Plygene Gutterline system

The only BBA certified, 25 year guaranteed system on the market, there is nothing else comparable. Read more….

Specification support

We provide a full specification support service through our Technical team.

Our Experience

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FirstGroup, Bus Depot

Continuous leaks in the roof of First Bus’s depot in Boyle Street, Manchester defied all remediation attempts.

Have you booked your CPD?

We have two accredited CPDs available:

"Why gutters fail and the options to repair, replace and refurbish: A specifier's guide"

"Metal roof refurbishment: A specifier’s guide to good practice"

These CPDs look specifically at commercial and industrial gutter and roof types and give a better understanding of the primary reasons why they fail, along with the refurbishment options available. Finally, we end with a purpose made mobile rig demonstration.

CPD accredited